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Posted by on May 29, 2017 in Noticias | 0 comments

Some news about our book: “Justice and subjectivity”

Some news about our book: “Justice and subjectivity”

Dear colleagues and friends,

Some news about our book: “Justice and subjectivity”.
Prof. Vieweg Prof. Klotz and Dr. Rojas have been working in the book’s preface.  Now it is being translated into German and Spanish.
We have already the book Index.
We are working also editing the book. This is a meticulous task. We hope it won’t take very long, because we are working with two languages.
After this we will proceed to print it.
We have been a bit retarded with our work, we are sorry. We have suffered causes beyond our control.

You will find also in this Web page The author’s list. If there is any correccion to make please write to

We have also good news from Dr. Huesca. He says BUAP (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla) and UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) could give some support economically to an international event for GIDFI.

We will have you informed.

If you have any suggestion, please let us know.

Best regards

The Coordination.

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